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Terrell Owens complains about role in offense!!!!

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Yes, for the zillionth time in his career, Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens has voiced a complaint about not being more involved in the offense. simpson2.jpg

This, in spite of the fact he figured on 20 of the Cowboys’ 58 offensive plays they ran against the Redskins yesterday. He was thrown to 18 times and had two rushing attempts for 11 yards.
He finished with seven catches for 71 yards, including a touchdown.

Asked if he got the ball enough in the Cowboys’ loss, Owens said: “I would say no. I’m a competitor, and I want the ball. Everybody recognized that I wasn’t really getting the ball in the first half. I’m pretty sure everybody watching the game recognized it, people in the stands recognized it. I think my team recognized it. I didn’t quit. I kept fighting and trying to keep running my routes and trying to get open.”

Welcome to the beginning of the Cowboys coming unglued. It probably won’t happen all at once, but with a team of me-first guys – topped by Owens – it’s bound to happen eventually.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank Mr. Owens for spouting off after the game. After all, it’s the end of the month, we’re always glad for more page views, and Owens is Google search engine magnet when it comes to getting hits. The only more effective way to draw page views for Cowboys’ stuff is to mention Jessica Simpson … and … well … we just did.

America’s Golden Boy Tom Brady Hurt…

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Tom Brady Tom Brady

UPDATE: Tom Brady’s season is over according to

Hate it when football players go down with injuries, but the one to the Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady is sure to hurt…

Football is a contact sport, a collision sport, a physical sport, a violent sport, a brutal sport, and, some might say, a barbaric sport. If American mothers had their way, there would be no football, at least none involving their precious sons. Injury in football is not surprising. It is inevitable.

Tom Brady has started 128 consecutive games, which, frankly, is beyond fortunate. No one knows today when he will start the next one because the greatest fear of every Patriots fan – not to mention the owner, the coach, and Brady’s teammates – was realized in the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium when the whistle blew and Brady failed to get up.

Brady had completed a 28-yard pass to Randy Moss, who wound up fumbling the ball. But those interested in the fortunes of the Patriots were not as concerned about the team’s second such turnover of the first quarter as they were about the status of Brady, who limped off the field with what coach Bill Belichick confirmed was an injured left knee, not to be seen again.

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